Sunday, December 28, 2008

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Where had the time gone?

I don't think I've even looked at my blog since I wrote the last post. I don't know why either. There has been lots of fun stuff to talk about and I just forgot. Go figure. I think I'll blame it on being a mom. Sometimes, like today, I think to myself what have I done and I can't really think of anything, but I know my day was busy.... so, here's a recap of the last little while:
-Caleb's parents moved into town and the whole Roe/Mansfield clan spent Thanksgiving together.
-We cut our Christmas tree down in the woods and Cole rode on Daddy's back the whole time.
-I had finals at BSU and got an A in my class-- I actually got an invitation into the Alpha Kappa Something-- the Sorority for the highest GPAs at BSU. Cool, huh? I'll just leave that for someone else... but it was a cool letter to get!
-I decided to apply to CWI because I'm trying to get an AA in Elementary Education and just so happens that's one of their "majors". So, I think I'll pay less than half the price and get educated over in Nampa!
-I went to get a trim and left with a really cute a-line hair cut that falls at about my chin. Who knew when I woke up that morning I would even get my hair cut! I love it! However, with all the moisture in the air, I've got a bit of a Texas big hair thing going on! ;)
-We had a great Christmas on Christmas Eve-- Caleb worked the real day. However, it was just as fun spending time together as a family and showing Cole what Christmas morning is like! He didn't get the whole opening the packages thing! He does like his new toys!
-Snow, Snow, and more Snow! We're getting dumped upon... well, I don't know if we're actually getting snow right now, but it snowed all day today- like 4 inches. Or maybe more! I don't actually know, because Cole is sick and so I've been stuck inside for 2 days. 2days people. I think I might go crazy. The poor kid had a cough and a fever and a runny nose. I'm not sure if he's getting a new tooth or just plain sick. But, either way, he's a sad little boy and so we're not going into the crappy weather to make him feel worse. So, I'm the mommy who gets to stay home while daddy goes to work. And by home, i really mean home. I've got cabin fever... and I've still got all day tomorrow. there's only so much laundry to do.
Alright, well there's the update. I'll get the camera and upload pictures tomorrow so you can see how much our little kiddo (who turns 11 months tomorrow!) had grown and see my new cute hair!