Wednesday, February 8, 2012

All of a sudden I'm half-way

Wow, where did this bump come from? I mean, last semester no one even knew I was pregnant (at school) and now some of those same classmates are looking at me like I'm growing a new arm (well, technically I am, two in fact!). It's sort of funny not telling people and letting them figure out that I'm not in fact getting fat, but rather just rounder in the front. haha
Anyways, I feel like there's still a lot to do before she gets here and I'm a little overwhelmed. We got new windows in the rest of our house (yes!), and now we need to paint (which I bought-- a lovely shade of pink) her room, find bedding, switch closets/dressers and figure out how to get Caleb's clothes into my closet! We need to think about signing up for birth classes (it's been 4 years, do we really need to go?), figure out immunizations for this new little one (the Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears is FANTASTIC), go through all the baby boy clothes and give the ones away I don't want anymore and start getting some pink in our lives.... whew, lots to do. Oh, did I mention that I am getting a varicose vein in my right leg, and the best thing is to sit around with my leg propped up. HA
So, with all that on my mind, I'm going to drink the rest of my coffee and read the latest book in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series... making me think of my 3 closest friends in High school and wondering where those last 10 years went (the new book is about the girls being 29, and that's about where we all are now!). Love neighbor kids who keep my little boy busy with playing while I sit around feeling lazy and loving it.
The End... for now

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Last weekend we went to Disneyland to celebrate Caleb's 29th and Cole's 4th birthdays. What a blast we had! We went with our dear friend's the Mason Family as well as both sets of our parents. What a blessing to be with so many people who we love and who would take the time and money to come on vacation with us!

We were greeted with 75 degree temps and Mickey Mouse. Memories were created for sure! Nothing like discovering Disney together.

On the last night we were there I took Cole to the Winnie-the-Pooh store (located by the ride) and let him pick a new cuddle buddy to sleep with. If you know my son, you know he's addicted to his "friend" a little blue blanket/stuffed animal with whom he would spend every moment with. He sleeps with him and sucks his thumb while rubbing a special corner. It is so sweet. It is such a comfort to him.

It is something we need to say good-bye to, because he needs to stop sucking his thumb.

Long ago we started talking about putting his friend away when he turns 4. We gave him lots of time to get use to the idea. We also gave ME lots of time to get use to the idea. I think I wasn't ready when the time came, but he was.

He picked a cute pink Piglet to be his new cuddle buddy. We let him sleep with both friends that night and they traveled together home on the airplane (so that blue friend could tell Piglet how to be a good friend of course!). Cole got one last nap with them both once we were home and then I whisked friend away to be washed and tucked in a box.

That night I cried and cried nay, I sobbed. I'm sure it was a combo of pregnancy hormones, being tired from our trip, and the fact that my little baby is no longer a baby, but a real boy.

I couldn't get a hold of myself.

Time is fleeting and scarce, these moments that feel like they're going to last forever don't. The time where my little boy was a baby is now officially gone.

I'm excited about the new adventures, and I'm also sad to transition out of babyhood.

On that note, here are a few pictures of Cole and his friend as well as Disneyland!

I guess I really wanted you to see that he went on Space Mountain... now I can't read computer speak and can't figure out how to loose the second pic! lol