Friday, November 25, 2011

It's been a LONG time

It's been a very long time. It seems as though in September when school isn't too busy, I'm able to think about blogging a lot more, but when it comes right down to it, I don't have very good follow through. Life gets busy and I've been tired.

The tired I've been feeling is a justified and happy tired.

In October we found out that we're having a baby! I'm now 11 weeks pregnant and have been feeling every moment of it, which is to say, I'm tired, sick, and have had horrendous heart burn. We're excited, thankful, and seeing God's hand in the timing.

The story goes: after trying to get prego for a year, we decided to see a fertility doc about what to do next. We went into the appointment and they did a pregnancy test and low and behold, we left there with glowing smiles talking baby names. Pretty good doc, huh? Only one appointment was needed! So, this means in about 29+- weeks, we will be welcoming a new little Roe into our house. (Those of you who aren't into calculating the weeks thing, the due date is June 14)

Please join with us in praying for this new little life, for energy to chase after Cole, and that I would finish my education strong (only 4 more credits next semester and I'm done!!). Oh, and if any of you have maternity clothes they want to loan me, I'm happy to wear them for the next few months--turns out 2nd babies do show a LOT sooner! I already have a little baby belly... if I wasn't in sweats I would take a belly shot for you... next time.

Thanks to all those who were praying! We're truly blessed!