Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Friday, June 15, 2012

Amelia Claire

We are so thankful for this new addition to our family. Amelia Claire.

Last Wednesday at my prenatal I found out our little girl was breach, and after trying hand stands in the pool, and many interesting techniques to try to move her into the normal position, we were not successful. This little girl was comfy and wanted to stay put!

Thursday morning I had a few contractions and thought possibly my water had broken, so I went into my midwife to be checked out again. Turns out, I was more dilated than the day before and she was still footling breach. So, in an effort to keep me from an emergency, my midwife admitted me into the labor and delivery. We were having a baby!

The plan was to do a technique called aversion. It is a risky maneuver where they monitor the baby, placenta, and cord with ultra sound while manually moving the baby from the outside. They basically shoved their hands well into my stomach and picked the baby up and turned her. Statistically speaking, this technique only works about 40% of the time and can often lead to further complications (meaning a c-section). We had to sign all kinds of concent forms for both the aversion as well as the possible c-section.

They gave me a shot of something to relax my cervix and give them the best chance at turning her. They tried to turn her 3 times without success, but the 4th go around she turned. I'm pretty sure it was one of the most painful things I've ever gone through.

They broke my water to engage her further, and then wrapped me in a giant belt to keep her from turning back, and made me sit still for an hour. Once I was allowed to move, my labor started in full force. It was much more painful thank Cole's because it was so much faster. My contractions were so close together for the whole labor that I was unable to really catch my breath. It was a challenge for sure.

Caleb was able to 'catch' her, which was a really special thing for him and something he has wanted since Cole was born. She was beautiful! She looked just like Cole when he was born- a little squished, but also such similar featured.

We were released about 24 hours later and have been recovering at home this week. It's hard to believe she is 7 days today-- my due date!

We have been blessed beyond belief by Amelia Claire's arrival. She was 7lbs 15oz and 20 3/4 inches long with a full head of dark brown hair!

I will post pictures soon. For some reason I can't get them to load from my iPad (which is what I'm writing from today).

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Baby Girl

Hi Friends and Family.

Can you please be praying for this little girl who is making things interesting still! She is now breach with one foot and her bum sitting completely down and the rest of her is a bit sideways. I am 4-5cm dilated and 90% effaced, so it appears that she will be born soon (like the next few days), however if I go into natural labor, she will need to be a c-section, as my midwife is not allowed to do a breach delivery.

So, I'm doing everything I can to get her to move into the right position and once she's there, hoping I go into natural labor and everything will move along smoothly. If she doesn't move by my appointment next week, then it will be a scheduled c-section.

We're off to the pool to do hand stands in the water to hopefully get her flipped.

Here's to having a baby!