Monday, November 2, 2009


I've been going to school FOREVER. Most people don't even know I'm a student. However, even though they don't know, I am. I started back to school about 3 years ago. I am almost a Sophomore. I just hope to complete college by the time my 17 year old brother does. Maybe. I'll at least have my AA degree by then.

This going to college thing, while most of my friends are just doing the normal family life thing, is sort of hard. I have to think about tests and homework and writing papers and such. While they're thinking of diapers, making dinner, and other normal stuff. I have to do both. Which I think makes my education a little better. Not to brag or anything, but when you've got a family to take care of and school to do-- it means you really want both. I do really want both. I think I'm doing good at really wanting both. I have a good GPA (tried to find it just now and can't....hum. probably my fault, cause I can't navigate blackboard very well).

I plan on going to school next semester full time. That means I'm going to get a babysitter probably 2 days a week and actually get more that 3 credits! It also means I have to get up early, make exercise a priority, find good crock pot meals, create a cleaning schedule, and make sure I have time with Caleb and Cole. As crazy as that sounds when I put it down on paper. It makes me excited. I'm excited to jump from 24 credits to to 36 credits. I mean, that's a huge jump for me!!! I'm excited to see the end in sight. I'm also thankful for the pell grant which makes this whole post possible.

The End