Monday, March 10, 2008

What does it look like to adventure at home?

My adventures seem a little less that some and more that lots... I am blessed to live a life full of passion and love.
So, tonight I decided that I really wanted to make something yummy to eat... so, the fact that I don't have eggs didn't bother me. I mean, are eggs really something you NEED for making brownies- those are the yummy things I decided to make. Well, apparently they are something you NEED! I also decided that adding marsh mellows would be a tasty addition to those delicious chocolate treats. Well, don't add marsh mellows to your egg less brownies. trust me it still tastes good right now-being that they're still hot and chocolaty, but come tomorrow I'll have to chisel them out of my baking dish, for I'm sure they'll be quite hard.
Another thing I wanted to tell you, is that watching TV shows a season of two after they aired is the best way to go. We've been watching Hero's and it's fantastic. I'm loving being able to watch episode after episode. It's so great. I'm still in the start of the show, so don't tell me anything about it!! I have to say, it makes me happy on a couple of levels. First off, it has actors from my two favorite TV shows-- Gilmore Girls and Alias. It makes me think I'm watching the characters from those two shows save the world! Ha, if Rory could see Jess now. Maybe she would have dumped blond dude (can't remember his name, but yuck, I don't like him) and gone back to Jess. Anyways, I'm acting like they're real people!
OK, so that's probably enough for now. I'm sure I could go on and on about really important things, but right now I'm eating my egg less brownie and wishing Caleb would get home soon so that I could watch more Hero's... so, maybe next time you'll get something more interesting from me.


Shelley said...

DUDE!!!!! Welcome to the blogosphere! I am sooo stoked that you have a blog!!!!

Nicole said...

YAY! im glad you got a blog :-)
i love knowing everything about everyones lives hehe

Emily said...

Hey, welcome to Bloggyville! I'm so glad you're here! I'll check your blog every day, so you better post lots! I added a linky to mine, so you're official linked to me forever. Isn't Hero's the BEST!! Can't wait for you to get all caught up so we can talk about it!

Nicole said...

hehehe i just read your blog again and i think the brownie story is funny, cuz i would've totally done that. stupidly i always make recipes without making sure that i have all of the ingredients, so it usually ends up with mixing some together and then saying "crap, we dont have eggs, or milk or something" so then we have to run to the store really fast and get that ingredient and then come back and finish it :-) hehehe, hopefully one day i'll learn to look for all of the ingredients first :-)