Sunday, July 20, 2008


I got a scooba for Christmas.
Have you ever felt like your house is so bad that if the authorities came you would have your dogs taken away? I am in the middle of that right now!! This whole sun room project is so great yet it has a major draw back. The major draw back is the mess. I don't mind it if it's in the sun room, however we have people tromping through our house on a regular basis (now, most of the people are Caleb and myself... but there have been others as well). These "people" will go into the sun room and work or check out the progress and then come into the house. We did have a "wipe your feet off rug" that somehow came to live in the sun room last week and I knew it was there and didn't do anything about it. I just let it hang out with its new friends the ladder and paint cans. So, there are white chalky foot prints all over our house. Sometimes foot prints are nice-- like when you step out onto nice snow. There's nothing nicer than walking in the snow and leaving your foot prints behind. I'm not talking about nice white foot prints like that, I'm talking about dusty, dirty foot prints all over my house leaving trails of where we have been. It's interesting, yet really annoying. I get the roomb0a, Sunny, out all the time and he likes to suck up all of our mess. However, he doesn't get into the corners very well and he doesn't suck up all the foot prints. So, even though our floors are being vacuumed on a very regular basis, they're still gross!! This brings me back to the scooba. I loved my scooba at first, yet I didn't know our particular model (this was all probably in the owners manual, which I never looked at and promptly threw into the "manuals" file in our cabinet along with our dishwasher and computer manuals! They all get together and have a party-- it's probably really fun for them, yet I don't find them very interesting) isn't suppose to be plugged in all the time or it actually drains the battery. SO, we don't have a robot mop right now-- I have to buy a new battery and our money is going to other things right now. I'll get one this fall. I HATE mopping. It's not being done right now. Hence, I have gross, chalky foot print floors. Floors even my dog is grossed out at (well, probably not, cause she's a dog), but my feet are really grossed out at them. It's a good thing Cole doesn't roll off his blanket yet, cause I can keep him nice and clean (just in case you were wondering!).

Oh, and today Caleb, Cole, myself, and two of our best friends went to McCall for lunch! It was a very long drive, but so much fun to hang out with friends and catch up! Nothing like a little road trip to keep the conversation rolling! It was so nice to get some clean fresh mountain air!


Emily said...

I'm sorry that your robot is broken:-( But, glad to hear that you had a fun time in McCall for lunch!

I tried calling you earlier, I need to ask you a question (about preggy stuff) that I don't feel comfortable posing on the internet, so call me when you get a chance.

Meggie said...

OK, I'll call today! :)

Shelley said...

McCall was awesome with you guys! We are sooooo glad you were able to go up with us!