Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This is on the Queen Mary ShipCole and Caleb during dinner

We've got a 6th month old!

I just thought this was funny!

The boys went into Avalon with out me! I had almost a whole day off!!!

Friday night at Camp

Cole was sleeping, so all we see is his feet!

Meeting great grandpa Rampenthal!

Meeting Great Grandma MacKay

At the Getty Museum


I got this bug hanging thing on vacation! Isn't it cute!

These have nothing to do with vacation, but I thought you might like to see them anyways!

This is one of my pots in the front. It filled out nicely! I love it!

We got tile in the back room!!

this one is for Shelley. I took this picture when we went camping in early July and just forgot to post it. She said she missed the mountains and trees and I think these trees are really cool looking. So, I hope you can enjoy it! Love ya girl!


Shelley said...

A. Cole is freaking adorable.

B. I love those trees! They make my heart sing. Thanks for posting them.

Nicole said...

I love all the pictures and Cole is sooo cute and getting SO big! I wanna see him again soon!!!

Tyler Reitz said...

Those are really good pictures. However the in-n-out one brought up some not so great memories... my first visit to in-n-out was on a vineyard mission trip, and upon Caleb's recommendation I got the 4x4... And got sick. Not the best first impression. Haha

Emily said...

Looks like you had a fabulous trip! Thanks for sharing all of the pictures!

Meggie said...

sorry, ty! Not a great idea to eat so much meat. it grosses me out when Caleb get's 4x4s... gross!!