Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Life this year has been a challenge. I am constantly feeling overwhelmed. I am tired. Emotionally and Physically. Some days I just want to sleep all day. Yet in the midst of all this change, sorrow, and faith. I am still breathing. I am waking up every morning and doing what needs to get done, I am also so thankful for all the little things in my life. I am so glad that Caleb is gone now. I know that sounds sort of weird, like why would I be happy after the year I've had, with hospitals, deaths, and sadness to have my husband gone for 2 months. Well, I am the most confident in who I am right now. I know I wouldn't have been able to send my husband off to Boot Camp any other time in our marriage. I would have been too selfish. Now, I see life is fleeting. The moment only lasts a second and then the opportunity is gone. I want to live life with out regret and one of those things is encouraging my husband and those around me to take life while we've got it and do what we desire. I don't mean, run off and be nuts. But, live out your dreams. Plus, through all of this, my cousin Dannie moved to Boise. I love it. I love getting to know her. I love having a partner here while Caleb's gone. I love feeling myself grow. It's a good hard time in my life right now. Oh, and I did plant my small garden... just a few peppers, cucumber, and tomato! Oh, and here's a few videos for Nona.

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Julie Rampenthal said...

Your words shared from your heart are very encouraging!
I loved the video's of Cole!
Did I hear him say "ma-ma?"
Have a great week and enjoy your beautiful boy!
Aunt Julie