Monday, December 28, 2009

No Sweets Day 1

I have been a bit too indulgent in my sugar eating, and have decided that the only way to get to where I want to be is to not eat sweets. So, I chose to start now rather than the New Years day because I don't want to wait until Jan to start the cleans of sugars... and that is what the first 2 weeks of not eating sweets is going to be. A cleanse. It's going to be painful. I'm not excited about it. I am however excited about the results I am sure to have. So, here's to the loss of 30 pounds or 6 months (which ever comes first) of no sweets, treats, desserts, or candy. I have done if before and I know I can do it again... it's just so painful today to not sit down with some of the Christmas candy (which I sent to work with Caleb tonight.. so it's long gone by now) and a sweetened coffee while reading Vanity Fair (an interesting read so far). Wish me luck, and I'll let you know how it goes. Also, say a pray for me that I can continue to give the food stronghold--esp sweets-- in my life to God.
Here's to day 2- tomorrow.