Sunday, October 31, 2010

Busy Bee

So much for actually blogging frequently. Sorry. My life has been a jumble of family, geology, geography, math, music, homework, homework, homework. I have not had very many moments to myself, let alone to reflect on my blog. I use to think that the busier I was the more I would accomplish. I have found out that's not correct. I am a crummy busy person. I am not a great wife, mom, or student. Let alone a friend. I've been juggling and somehow I've managed to drop a few of the balls. I know that this semester is almost over (lets just say the countdown to finals week is a bigger countdown than I've had in a LONG time). I don't want to give up on school, and I know I need to refocus my priorities. I am a fun loving person and right now there is almost no fun in my life. I am surviving and so it my family. Nothing makes children happier than a grumpy mom, right? So, today, I'm taking a time out. So far, Cole and I are playing hookie from church, we've watched some instant netflix shows on the laptop in my bedroom, eaten not such great food, and for a very brief moment, Cole went splashing in the rain. It's refreshing to take a moment and breathe. I won't have very many more moments like this one, because as the semester wraps up, it'll get busier and more stressful. Next semester I plan on taking far less school. Whew. That's how I've been.

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