Sunday, August 14, 2011

The great To Do list

I've been on vacation mode for a while now. I think because I know it's going to end in a week. How come summer stretched on forever when I was little and now I blink and it's gone? Questions to ponder.

OK, so the real reason for posting today is my To Do list. I thought you guys might like to see a glimpse into my world and how I get everything done. (Nothing like tooting my own horn, huh?)

For starters I have a 3x5 binder that keeps me organized. It has pages for every day of the month and a chore that corresponds with that date. Example: 1st Clean Guest Bathroom, 2nd Laundry, 3rd sweep kitchen and dust front room. I've got random things like wipe all the door knobs down with disinfectant (because it's one of those things I always wanted to do, but couldn't ever remember to do) and clean out the fridge the day before I'm scheduled to grocery shop (because really, who wants to do that all in one day?!)

The other helpful thing I do is make a list of things I must get done during the week, that way I actually get everything done, and I know what I've got to get done.

I also like to have a plan for food. If I am not intentional, then we either have a smoothie for dinner (which I like, but I'm guessing that my boys don't!), we eat hodge-podge, or we eat out. Also, because we haven't been eating bread, rice, or pasta, the food thing takes a little more work. I have to make a plan to keep us eating healthy. So, I try to write out our dinner options, occasionally combing through my cookbooks to find something new and bread free.

This week I'm doing extra cleaning (because like I stated earlier, I've been on vacation mode, and my house looks like it!) and de-cluttering.

Here's to this next week of planning for new beginnings and upkeep of the old. I like to think of spending my time, and not just using it or loosing it. At least, when I'm not on vacation mode that is!

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