Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Finals, Finals, Finals

I really should have my nose in a math book or be editing my final essay.... but I'm not. Try as I might, inspiration isn't coming to me, so I thought I would share all the fun things I plan on doing over the Christmas break!
-Visit with friends
-Take Cole swimming at the YMCA
-Purchase a rolling pin and then make sugar cookies (who doesn't own a rolling pin? Seriously, how can I be in my 8th year of marriage and not own one!)
-Read meaningless books
-Watch silly TV and movies
-Go to the movies with a friend (Tara?!)
-Meal Plan and then make real dinners (which is possible now that I'm past the "food is so nasty" stage of pregnancy)
-Actually clean my house-- I'm talking basic stuff, but stuff I've put off far too long, and now I'll have a bunch more time to do it!
-Finish my Christmas Shopping as well as the few hand crafted gifts I've been making for MONTHS.
-Go on adventure walks with Cole
-Go to the library for story hour (again, for Cole!)
-Sleep in and have at least 1 PJ day

Ok, so that's the list I've decided on currently, but I'm sure there's time to add more. I just have to study for a few hours tonight, take a final tomorrow, finish my essay and then take another final on Sunday/Monday.... I can do it. Easy peasy. I guess the best motivation is realizing that life will be so much more fun in a few short days.

I've talked myself into studying, so night all. See you next week!


bex said...

and dont forget you get to spend time with your little brother, so you will have to think of something special to do with him.

Meggie said...

Yes, spending time with Lue is on the list for sure!