Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lots of Life

Hi. It's been a while--it's been so dang nice to have no real reason to get onto the computer. I've been reading, hanging out with friends, playing games with Cole, and trying to clean my house (although, that hasn't happened as much as I wanted it to... I did bleach my kitchen counters today!). Oh, I've also been growing a human inside of me. So, no biggie. I guess many of you probably want some sort of prego picture, and if I wasn't up all by myself, I would get one, but alas, I'm alone and in sweats without make up... probably not the cutest I've looked, so I'm not posting a picture. I am 18 weeks along and the belly is very much there. This child isn't very active, but when his/her big brother talks to him/her, the baby dances! Cole talks every morning to the baby and kisses and hugs my tummy. It is very sweet. What I love most of all is the baby is actually responding and always starts moving when Cole talks to it! I love seeing their relationship starting to form even now.
As far as pregnancy goes, I'm doing pretty good. I'm not in love with the actual pregnancy. I'm am, however, so excited about having another little one, the discomfort I'm feeling now is worth it! We find out sex of the baby on January 24, so keep posted. I'll scan the picture and see if you guys can guess!
OK, that's enough of my ramblings. Here are a few holiday pictures to enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Very sweet!! I'm looking forward to big brother /little _______ pictures someday!
Stacey R