Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Of life and learning and love

This last week and an half has been humbling, healing, and a lot of growing.

Humbling because I'm use to taking care of everything and I have had to rely on many friends and family to help me take care of the normal things in my life. I am sincerely grateful and thankful for the dinners, cleaning, babysitting, and support so many of you have given me. I see God's hand of blessing in every angle of this misadventure.

Healing because it was spring break and I was able to actually rest. Caleb took some sick time to take care of me and I was able to sleep and rest up. It feels like the procedure/surgery shouldn't have left me as tired as I've been, but as Caleb keeps reminding me, the procedure was just the tip of the ice berg; I've been dealing with little sleep and lots of pain for around a month and my liver and pancreas needed to recoup also. It takes a while to get everything working right again and feeling normal. I don't feel normal yet, but I suppose I won't until after June 14th ish... When this baby makes her entrance and I get my body back to myself! However, I feel so much healthier. Which leads me into the next topic..

Growing. Well, I'm growing on a few levels. My belly is getting bigger every day and I can feel this baby moving, kicking, growing. It's truly amazing. Sometimes I catch a glimps of myself in a mirror and see the belly and am shocked. It's so weird to see my body change so rapidly. I'm also growing in how I eat. The gallbladder helps to digest fat and when there are many stones of questionable size (such as I have) we don't want the gallbladder to do its job. So, I'm learning how to eat very, very little fat. Skim milk, fat-free yoghurt, almost no meat, no oils, nothing fried, no nuts, no egg yolks... The list goes on. I do get to eat frozen yoghurt, red vines and peachy o's--- oh yea, lots of fruit and veggies--- lots and lots!

Because of this new diet and the lack of eating during my hospital stay and while I was so sick, I've lost 8 pounds. Taking my grand total of weight gain to about 6 pounds. Which I'm feeling pretty glad about (seriously, there's enough weight on my body to take care of this baby, so no one worry!). See there's always a rainbow!

Please be praying for me tomorrow-- I've got an appointment with the surgeon to talk about the next step and I'm a little nervous.

Well, I have some laundry to attend to and perhaps I should change out of sweats... Although, that might or might not happen until this afternoon. Seriously sweats are the best!

I'll post more soon as well as a few baby bump pictures and pictures from Caleb's aunt and grandma's visit.

Happy Wednesday all!

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