Thursday, September 13, 2012

On turning 28

Tomorrow I turn 28. It's sort of weird, because I feel like I'm still 17. I guess that might never go away. It's a big birthday for me. On this birthday I am older than my big brother ever got. I know the official date was back in May, but as he was 27 when he died and I've been 27 all year, if feels like for a short while we were the same age. Now, I'm older. Last year I was mournful about my birthday. It seemed wrong to become the age he never grew older than. A whole year later, it seems like time. It's time for me to step into 28. So, tomorrow I look forward to being a bit older than him, and enjoying my life with my two kids and wonderful husband. Here's to birthdays and celebrating and growing older!


Dani and Johnny Kennedy said...

I love you Meg - Dani

Meggie said...

love you too, Dani! I miss you.