Saturday, March 21, 2009

And so we say good-bye

We buried my brother today. Yesterday I said my final good-bye to his still form. He lay in the casket, I read a letter to him, crying the whole time, and then I kissed his cold face good-bye. The last good-bye. The last time I will ever look into his face. The last time I will ever see my brother on this side of heaven. Good-bye, my big brother, good-bye. Today, at his funeral, we sat and cried as a family. We shared moments of our time with him. We even laughed a little bit. We celebrated his life. It was a bitter sweet celebration. We then went to the grave yard, and lowered his casket into the ground-- his final resting place. I walked away today knowing I loved my brother hard, he loved me hard. I want to live in such a way that I don't miss a moment. Life is fleeting, and I want to capture everything I can while I can. Live life large, love deeply, and cherish your loved ones. Good-bye, Nate.

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