Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When will it end?

So, my post today is all about ending... my job is ending soon as well as my political science class (which, I swear me professor must think I make up so many excuses, cause let me tell you, I've missed class more times this semester than like the last 3 combined... whose sister-in-law almost dies, goes to disneyland, and then looses a brother. Come on. how can my real life sound like a load of excuses to get out of class. if only!). Hum... I'm just thinking about summer like I use to when I was a kid in full time school. It was nice to look forward to summer, and here I am again, looking forward to summer. I plan on going on lots of bike rides, swimming in the kiddie pool with my kiddo, and eating lots of frozen juice pops (cause that'll be a blast to give to Cole this summer!! Ha ha, he's going to get it everywhere!). I also plan on working on a project-- mainly I want to plan an informational 5-10k run in honor of my brother, Nate. I want it to be about drug addiction being a disease. I want information to get out to people. The people who started the Susan G. Koman run started somewhere and look at where they've come. Amazing to see! I want that. So, here's to looking forward to summer in all its glory, hot sticky days and dreaming of adventures as well as big projects. Speaking of projects, if you're in our area, you should check out the nice new lawn we've got in the back yard-- yes, Caleb layed sod today (not the whole yard, but the part that's been gross for the past year!). I'm such a happy girl!
Good-Night. Here's to 3 more days of work and summer right ahead!

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Mrs. Sinta said...

If you are serious about starting a race, contact Elysee Barrett. Her Aunt Marianne was one of the principal founders a big race in Boise.