Tuesday, January 19, 2010

update on sugar and other such things

I just wanted to give a little update on my no sweets thing... I'm doing really good. I haven't weighed myself, because I feel like once a month is good. So, on my month birthday (which happens to be Cole's 2nd birthday!) I'll do a weigh in and then see where I need to go from there. I am feeling better about myself and really enjoying not having to eat all the sweets I see.

The other piece of news is that I start school today. I'm excited, a little nervous, and expectant about this semester. I know it's going to be work, and I know it's going to be stretching for me, yet, I'm up for the challenge. I also think it'll be good for Caleb and Cole to learn to be away from my complete taking care of them! Nothing like growing a husband-- he's going to be doing dinner a few nights a week, and he's going to help with the cleaning! AMAZING.

So, that's me. Have a happy Tuesday.

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