Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What are we worth?

Today we're having our gigantic trees trimmed. I mean it's an all day daunting task. The people I hired are doing a great job. The thing is, I don't think they did a great job at quoting the job. The owner came over last summer after he finished at our neighbor's house and gave me a quote on a business card. I saved it all this time. When I called him this summer, I asked him for a new quote and he said, I'll just do it for what I quoted you last year.

When he showed up this morning, I'm pretty sure he was a little annoyed with himself, because this job is a lot bigger than he thought.

I know my worth is not wrapped up in my job (wife, decorator, diaper changer/momma, cook, appointment taker, bookkeeper, etc), yet it is so easy to see life in those terms. Seems like the two guys who are busting butt outside right now are probably feeling like they are doing this job for nothing. It's not my fault, it's actually poor management. Yet, seeing the look in the man's eyes, while he and his son are working diligently to get the job done makes me want to bless him. I think sometimes it's nice to be appreciated not for what we do, cause it's all the same right... doing doing doing. But for who we are. I plan on tipping this guy pretty good, because he's worth it, not because he deserves it.

I know this is Christ's heart-- we are worth it simply because we are. Period. Nothing I do is going to make a difference, I have to "be" who Christ created me to be, then I can "do" what it takes to "have" the life I want. BE, DO, HAVE. Hum. seems like I learned this somewhere a long time ago, and I've forgotten it. I'm re-learning who I am-- a confident, mellow woman. It is good to be in process and to know I'm growing.

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Kate Frank said...

Meg - YOU are awesome!