Thursday, January 6, 2011

Friendship and bread

I've been baking again. Our house has been filled with the aroma of bread dough rising and then the warmth of the oven as it bakes into deliciousness. I've also been spending time with friends and savoring the moments where we get to live. The moments of cooking for each other, of meeting in homes and not spending money to get together, but just time and possibility; creating an environment where my child gets to play among the aroma of life and bread. I am loving every moment of life right now. The teaching moments wherein my child needs to be corrected, the joy of his tender heart; reading and laughing together after. The moments where I get to make a new food, not because I am too poor to go out; I am greatly enjoying the idea of food being energy we put into our bodies, and that energy should be of good high quality. The moments in the evening where it is cold and dark out, yet cheery and spirited in the house with thoughts of future adventures we will take (planning the ever returning vacation!) and games being played or movies being watched. I am content with life as it is. Of my family, my house, my furniture, my stuff-- the ability to dream of a new baby someday and find joy in waiting until God places that special person in our lives. Of sewing and painting and creating. I am full with ideas and love.
Tomorrow the library and then friends in different places throughout the day. Oh, and bread, I need to bake bread. Maybe cookies too!

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Becks said...

I would love to get a good bread recipe from you! I've never attempted break making, and really would love to give it a shot! :)