Monday, September 12, 2011


I haven't really wanted to share this, but I'm getting a bit annoyed with people giving me the "hint" that we should start trying for a second child. WE ARE TRYING. We aren't succeeding. It's been a year. I'm told this is "normal", but it feels like an eternity to me, as I've seen people get pregnant, have babies, and those babies are almost starting to crawl now. My favorite girl's name was used by a friend of a friend (so I guess we can still use it, but it feels like a "used" name now) and people who started trying after me are having babies now. I'm feeling a little left in the dust. People I love are on their 3rd or 4th babies while we're still a "new" family with only 1 child. I also can't quite get use to the idea that our family is going to be spread out a bit more that we had planned, and I don't really like it. I pictured having all of my babies before 30. Now I either need to have twins or become a baby making machine to get a few more out while I'm still in my 20's. So, that's looking grim. People, I will tell you when we are pregnant. I will probably shout it from the roofs, because I want another baby so bad. Please don't hint any more, I know that we're due, and I want one too... just have to wait and pray and see oh have fun with the hubs. OK, enough about that. Did I mention that my birthday is in 2 days? I'll expect cards and flowers! ;)


Amanda Patchin said...


My two are so close together that you wouldn't know I'd ever had any trouble getting pregnant - but it took us many months of trying before I got pregnant the first time.

It's hard when people make hints and ask intrusive questions. Love to you.

Masons said...

XOXO I'm always here for you.

Cheryl H. said...

I've always been annoyed by people who "hint" around at what they think you ought to be doing, whether they know what you are actually doing or not! We didn't have our first child until I was 36 - can you imagine the comments I had to put up with??!! Hang in there, girlie!

dsmitidaho said...

Thanks for sharing, Meg. You and Caleb are wonderful parents and I'll be praying that another little one comes along soon. But do trust in God's is PERFECT! Maybe Cole needs a little more time as the "only." Maybe God is sending twins or triplets & you'll be glad Cole's a little older. :^) Maybe.....well, you get the picture. We don't know what's down the road, but if we walk the road with the Lord, it always leads in the right direction! Bless you & HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Wednesday! (Its also the 12th anniversary of my back surgery, a date I always remember with thankfulness. I think I would be a cripple by now if I hadn't had the surgery.) Anyway, have a great day. Love you! DIANE

Kristi said...

Good for you Meg! You are loved and it's no one else business how or when you do things. God has plans for your family.

Sarah said...

Hi Meg, I have a few friends going through this as well and I understand how hard it can be. I'm shocked sometimes at how un-tactful people can be. You have such a good attitude and I admire your strength :)

Chad Estes said...

I'm one of those who have hinted. Sorry! It was not meant as pressure but as an encouragement that we see the love that you are providing the first great kid of yours and wanted to see even more. I can see how it was received and I apologize.

I will turn my pressure to prayers.

Love you both,


Meggie said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words. This journey called life is much harder and more complicated as I get older. Thanks for walking along side me as I learn to trust God.

Anonymous said...

I haven't followed your blog very closely. However it is inspirational.
We are trying and have been for a whole 2 months. While that isn't long I understand the agonizing wait.
I am so happy to hear you are pregnant now. May God give you a wonderful pregnancy. Please pray that we can be right behind you in the pregnancy. We can't wait to meet the newest addition to the Roe family!!!
Thank you for giving me hope!!!