Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to School

It is that time of year where pencils are pretty and the pouches are even better. Where cute folders are on display all over and backpacks and lunch boxes are themed. This is the start of the jean season and close toed shoes.

That is, for everyone else.

This year, is the first year in many, where September means nothing different. I will wear flip flops until it grows cold, I don't need to purchase any pencils or folders, school books are replaced with novels and backpacks are for travel.

Next year will be kindergarten for Cole and we will be back at the shopping and transition. However, this year we are happy to be doing the same thing next week as we did last (well, sort of, because next week I'm having gallbladder removal surgery, so it'll be an interesting week).

Anyway, we're enjoying the crisper evenings and love the idea of sitting down with a cup of coffee to read a fun book!

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