Monday, August 20, 2012

Quick Trip to Florida

Hi. As many of you know, I went to Florida to say good-bye to my grandpa. I wanted to be a support to my dad as he waved farewell to his dad and his last remaining parent. I know it was a difficult time for him as we all re-lived moments from Nate's funeral. Death is so final and even when someone is ill (such as grandpa was), it is still sad to know that it is the end. I am thankful that grandpa found a personal relationship with Jesus later in his life-- it didn't make him perfect by any means, but it gave him forgiveness and and eternity with God. I imagine he and Nate (they had a very special relationship) sitting somewhere and catching up.

While I didn't get any pictures of the actual funeral, I did get pictures of the fun times we all had together as the legacy grandpa passed to us.


liz said...

Haha, it's hilarious how close Colin is to the edge of the bed so as to not disturb Amelia! Great post :)

Kim said...

It's so amazing to run across your blog. You were in my first class ever and you made such an impression on me as a student and a person. I love seeing how you have grown and your beautiful kids. You will always be that eager cheerful student to me,

Meggie said...

Liz! I don't think he even knew he was sleeping next to Amelia. Colin and I bunked up while in FL (to save moola!) and he was sleeping like that as to not touch me! :)

Meggie said...

Kim, Thank you for such sweet words. I loved your class and you were one of my best professors! I'm glad you've enjoyed my blog. :)