Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dumpster in the front yard

We have a dumpster in the front yard. It's not white trash at all.
We're finally starting our sun room remodel! :)


Shelley said...

It's kinda white trash...cuz it's a white dumpster. Ha ha.

I'm funny.

anyhoo....can't wait to see the final product! Sorry we can't be there to help :(

Nicole said...

Hahaha I thought of the same thing that Shelley said. Thats funny!
If you need any help though, Tyler and I are available. Let me know!

Emily said...

Fun stuff! Can't wait to see it! Will it be done in a month?

Meggie said...

touche! Well... maybe we are a tad white trash! :)
Nicole, we would love your help this weekend ripping out the walls and carpet if you guys want to! We're having a working day on Saturday to get the whole thing gutted. Let me know if you can make it and we'll get pizza and beer!

Nicole said...

Oh man now I feel bad :-( I didn't know you guys were doing it this weekend already. :-( Tyler and I are going up to Cascade to my cabin this weekend and won't be back till Monday night. So I guess we can't help SORRY!! :-( But if you need any help next week I'm sure we'll be able to! Let me know!