Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fork Stuck

I'm so frustrated. It seems like every time I ask a certain person in my life for help-- or explain that I need something more from him, he turns it around on me and I become the person who can't do things on my own. He just wants to "empower" me to get things done with out help..... ARG I don't know what to do. I stuck. I need help from him and he won't help me. I get this response from him often, and sometimes I can deal with it and just become independent and do things on my own, and sometimes I freak out to get his attention (which I do). Neither is healthy. Neither is who I am or want to be. I want to need his help. How do I want to need his help when he doesn't want to help me? Is that healthy? Like I said, I'm stuck. I'm hurt. I'm frustrated. And suggestions?


Kyle said...

Well...I'm thoroughly confused. I can appreciate your predicament though. Sometimes I feel like I am in this place where I don't know how to do things that need to get done and theres no real source that I can learn how to do it. I feel like I want to prove myself, but I end up just feeling a bit insecure.

I know it is hard to do for me and I'm speaking what I often don't do (but what I always wish I had done afterwards), is to be patient and to pray and lay it in God's hands.

Shelley said...

Start by just focusing on the parts that you can control. And that's you. Focus on having your needs fulfilled by God and being who He created you to be. And when this person isn't coming through for you the way that you would want them to...immediately ask God to fulfill that need for you. Ask Him to help you in that area. Start depending on God intensely and absolutely.

In Luke 9:1-6...Jesus sends His disciples out and tells them to take nothing with them, not even a change of clothing or any food. He wanted them to learn to depend on his providence for them absolutely. He wanted them to see that He is ABLE and WILLING to fulfill every need.

And then pray for this person and that God would work in their lives to become the person that God called him to be. And just have faith that God will perfect the good work that He has begun in both of your lives.

I love you and am praying for you.

Meggie said...

Thanks guys. Sorry about being confusing. I don't know how else to put it, so I guess you're getting a look into my brain. I needed to just vent a little bit, and know that I'm not the only one who struggles.
Thank you for your advice and prayers. I don't know how to be all things for my family and still fill filled up myself. I need God so much more than I'm getting.