Friday, May 30, 2008

Naps are hard

So, my update on Cole... he doesn't like to nap. He's a great sleeper at night- like 10-11 hours! However, during the day, he fights it and fights it. Any suggestions would be helpful. I mention this, cause he's in his room crying right now, cause he's so tired and doesn't want to sleep.
onto other news. here are a few pictures of our house. Our bathroom looks awesome. You can't tell in the picture, but it looks really great. We also got a new shower head! I'm in love with taking a shower now. :)
Our sun room is totally torn up and Caleb is getting it cleaned up this weekend. The electrician and our contractor are coming on Tuesday to get things all planned out. We're getting those French doors with the blinds in them! I'm so excited!!


Emily said...

Your bathroom looks great! I look forward to seeing it in a few weeks!

Hm...naptimes. How long do you let him cry for? It took letting Maddox cry for like 30min. or so a few days in a row to teach him that it was naptime. Consistency is also good, putting him down around the same time.

Shelley said...

LOVE YOUR BATHROOM!!!!! It looks awesome.

Your sunroom makes me twitchy!! That would stress me out, but it will look so nice in the end!

No advice on the napping...sorry :(

Meggie said...

I usually let Cole cry for about 15 minutes. then I go in a comfort him... and then i'll let him cry for another 15 minutes. Usually at that point it's getting close to eating time again.