Monday, November 10, 2008

It's the holiday la la

I'm really excited about the holidays this year. Not because of presents or tasty food (cause chances are I won't have a lot of either!) but because we get to be around our families this year. We have relationship with all of our family now (that seemed like it might never happen) and we have this beautiful, drooling, snot nosed munchkin.
So much has changed in my heart over the last year-- it's been hard! I want to make things about me all the time, but the fact is, life just isn't about me. Yes, I am in life and I am a valuable person, yet, now that I have a little one, I realize that there is so much more to life that hanging out with friends and having time for myself. I not only want to grow Cole into a mature adult, but I want to help those who are in need. I find myself being stretched to the limits on what I think I can handle and what I trust God with-- yet isn't that God-- he takes us just to where we feel we can't do it anymore and then gives us a break. Then the next time, He stretches more! I want to be a loving person in all situations and not be judger (in the Myer's brigs personality test, that's what I am)-- life is not all black and white. I want to be a person who loves like Jesus--someone who loves people through their faults and issues. I know this stuff seems elementary, but for me, the person who always sees right vs. wrong and why can't people just do what's right, this has been huge.
So, what does all of this have to do with Christmas? Well, I have had a hard time loving some of my family with out reservation. Having Hannah with us for almost a month stretched me, and I grew. I know God used that time for good- both with her and with us. And, I know the holidays can been a time of loving family and being in fellowship with each other. Even though I don't agree with everyone's choices (and really, who does!) I can love them. I want to love them. It's far more important that always being "right".
So, here's to Thanksgiving, to Christmas, and to family.
Now, I better go.... Cole's runny nose it probably all over his face. EWWW

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Shelley said...

Sounds like this has been a very good year for you! I'm proud of you for stepping up to the plate and allowing God to stretch and mold you more into His likeness!

What Myers Briggs' letters are you? I'm an INFP. But I'm borderline with the E and the I. So I'm a mix of INFP and ENFP.