Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feeling better

I had a good long cry this weekend about Caleb's joining the Air Guard. Not because I don't want him to join, but because God is growing me and causing me to get out of my comfort zone. Once, I was able to express my heart on the matter and have Caleb listen and love me through it, I have been able to get excited about it. I've even been able to defend our choice and support my husband to someone who normally questions every life choice we make. It felt good. I know God is in this thing, because even though I'm uncomfortable, I'm a peace. God is the Prince of Peace, so having peace about our decision is huge. So, all of you out of town friends, be open to me visiting for a long weekend this fall! I'm going to need stuff to do. Also, anyone who wants to hang out with me-- come on over!

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