Friday, February 13, 2009

Update on Hannah

I just wanted to say a little update on Hannah. She's breathing on her own now and is awake. She's fully aware of her surroundings and who she is. As well as who we are. It's AMAZING! She doesn't remember anything that happened over the last week and they say she may never remember. So, we might never have answers to our questions. She's still in ICU, however, they're expecting to move her this weekend (hopefully!). Her feet are still tender and her right foot (the one with frost bite) is still deep purple at the toes and the bottom of her foot. However, things are healing at an incredible speed! Thanks for praying. We're not out of the water yet-- I feel like things are still unstable until she's out of ICU. Keep praying. Thanks!

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Andrew Rampenthal said...

Amazing! What a miracle! I will be praying for her and the Roe family.