Saturday, February 28, 2009


I'm thinking about doing a garden this year. I want to have fresh veggies right at my fingertips this year and so, I'm seriously thinking about getting out there and making it happen. I think I want to plant tomatoes, cause even though they're not my favorite veggie, they're really good for you and yummy in salads. I'm also thinking lettuce or cabbage, onions (maybe chives?), pumpkin, zucchini, peppers, and blueberries (which wouldn't produce this year, but would in future years). Possibly rosemary and and suggestions on other herbs? I have to do the planting in my front yard so the dog doesn't get into it... she's great at digging things up! Also, I get better sun in the planters of my front yard. So, the garden would be sort of all around the yard and not just in one spot. Do you think I'm being too ambitious? Any suggestions on veggies I've missed or should do instead. Hum, I'm dreaming of summer. Lazy hot days of summer! I can't wait for Cole to start walking, cause man, we're going to have fun this summer with him!!!
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