Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Rainy Evening

So I've been hoping for the weather to change for the past few weeks.  I think it feels like Caleb will be home sooner if we have fall weather-- it just means that there is one less season between us.  Anyways, today it feels like fall arrived.  The first trees to turn have become all sorts of oranges and yellows.  The air carries a frosty feel in the morning and while Jack has yet to visit, I'm sure he'll be here soon making all the grass blades white and the windshield need a scrape.  I love the cool night air and warmish afternoon-- making it almost impossible to decide clothing for the whole day-- so I guess I get to wear a couple of outfits.  Fine by me.  It's the walking weather where you don't sweat, soccer games on Saturdays, and no need to run the heater or the a/c.  It's the magical time of year where you can be lazy and not feel too bad, because if it's raining, the best way to enjoy is by sitting with a cup of tea and a good book all while snuggled into a nice warm blanket.  Also, the grass still needs to be watered, but when it rains in the fall, that chore is done by God.  I usually lament the end of summer.  I usually feel a sad melancholy at the end of a nice warm season-- but not this year.  This year I am looking forward to each new red leaf, each harvest party, pumpkin everything, and all things fall.  

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