Friday, September 23, 2016

The stuff is falling apart

So the thing about this time away from Caleb is that the different things in my life feel the weakness...  like the electronics (the computer decided to give me a horrible blue screen of death and it won't work at all anymore and the bluray player won't play blurays anymore) and the washing machine (won't go from the wash cycle to the rinse cycle unless I open the lid and slam it down again) and the door bell (which technically broke while Caleb was here, but as he didn't get around to fixing it, it's mine to figure out) and the dog (who is chewing up everything again-- she's almost 1, what the heck!), and the car (the battery died and I can't get it out of the garage to jump it on my own)....  I wonder what the next thing will be, because there will be a next thing.  I know it.  It's like the law, if the man is gone, the stuff breaks or doesn't work or freaks out.

Tomorrow's to do: call every bill we have and try to find the user names and passwords (and hope they're not just in Caleb's name, because even though we are married and I just want to pay the dang bills, they probably won't let me), take the car battery out of the car and take it to the battery shop and re-charge it, take the computer into Best Buy and get the pictures that weren't saved put onto the external hard drive, go to a soccer game, get a huge coffee, cry a little, break up fights between the dog and the girl, the girl and the boy and the boy and the neighbor kids (because let's face it, my kids like to fight), look at my house and wonder if it really needs to be cleaned, because for heaven's sake, it's just going to get messy again, and cleaning for just 3 people isn't really worth it. Then, after all that, I'll probably try to do something that looks like food making (but, honestly, it'll be pot pies or corn dogs or dino chicken nuggets-- we've got options around here), then I'll try to convince my kids that bathing is really a good thing, we will all try to go to sleep alone, but then I'll end up having one or both kids sleeping next to me and I'll think to myself, one more day done.

Happy weekend everyone.

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Dani Electa said...

Hey! That sounds eerily like my life, only we have cats who like to climb and break window screens and one who sneaks inside to pee on a child's bed. Also feel you on 2 kids in the bed because I'm too tired to fight it. Glad to know I'm not alone. Love you Meg.