Saturday, June 7, 2008

a bunch of nothingness

I'm trying to get better about posting.. but I can't seem to think of anything interesting to say. I do however have a moment right now to type, so I thought of blogging.
OH, here's something really great! I've lost 4 pounds in the past 2 weeks! I've cut out sugar again (it's the only thing that works for me to loose weight!) and low and behold, I'm fitting into jeans I haven't worn in a while. Hurrah for me.
The end.


Shelley said...

Hip Hip Hooooray! That's awesome. Sorry you have to give up sugar but at least it actually gets results for you!

emily said...

Go you! I'm glad you've figured out what works for you, even if it is sugar :-( Maybe you can find some other alternatives that you can have...I've heard something about agave nectar or something? People who are on raw diets use it to sweeten stuff. Maybe do a search or something. I'm so excited to see you next week!!!!

Meggie said...

I do allow myself diet soda, honey, and maple syrup. Somehow my body can deal with a little bit of that... but, I'll look into Agave nectar. Anything for more interesting flavors. I think I'm going to just have to live my life like this. Oh well. I'll be healthier for it!

Can't wait to see you too, Em! Hey, can you bring me some tooth paste? You told me once you've always got more than enough and we're getting low! :)