Wednesday, June 18, 2008

toe nails

I love my feet. I think they're really cute, however being on prenatal vitamins for over a year now, I have to cut my toe nails way too often. See, I don't like my toe nails when there is any amount of white showing. So, I try to keep them all trimmed and nice and neat. Now that I have Cole (and imagine me being 9 months pregnant trying to cut my toe nails... it was a difficult process) I don't have much time to cut my toe nails. However, I have tons of time when I look at them and I'm frustrated. I nurse about 6-7 times everyday. That means I have about 175 minutes where I look at my toe nails and wish I could cut them, but Cole wouldn't be pleased about not eating, so I don't cut them. Then because there's a million things to do every moment-- including holding my baby-- i forget to cut them until the next time I'm nursing him, just 3 short hours later. Now, I'm talking about cutting them, yet as I sit here they're growing and not being cut. Oh, and even if I did want to cut them this very moment, Caleb is currently using the bathroom that houses the clippers. Maybe someday I'll get a pedicure. Sounds really nice right now.
Oh, one more thing about long toe nails that just bugs me, when I'm drifting off to sleep and I decide to sleep on my back and all of a sudden my toe nails drag across the sheets... ahhh gross!


Emily said...

That was a random post :-)

Shelley said...

That was the best post EVER! I didn't know that you didn't like your toenails long. I don't either! I hate it in fact.

It was great to talk with you yesterday!


Nicole said...

Hahaha silly girl!

Meggie said...

glad you all enjoyed it! :) I cut my toe nails last night. They feel so nice!